Bump-steer is essentially a change in toe-in during suspension travel. To properly perform this alignment, RRDR will put your vehicle on an alignment rack so the front wheels are on movable tables.

With RRD Racing you are part of the team. We support amateur and professional level drivers in all aspects of road racing. We encourage driver feedback, which helps us achieve our number one goal - to fine tune your track/race car.‚Äč

Trackside services include:

Collect and analyze data such as tire pressure, tire temperature, weather conditions and lap times to see how best to adjust your car for safety, handling and speed.

Review data on test days or after warm-up/practices/races

Manage tire, fuel, brakes, and spare part requirements.

Formulate race strategy.

Communicate information such as the green flag call, lap times, and interval times over the team radio.

Diag/repair/fix issues that arise at the track.

RRD Racing offers custom chassis building & suspension modifications along with repair. Your existing chassis can be upgraded with the many suspension upgrades available on the market..  We build custom RRD Racing chassis with weld-in subframes. RRD Racing offers other chassis component manufacturers installation welding, call for details

MIG, TIG, Steel & Aluminum Welding Services - By the job or $75 per hour